Sunday, 18 April 2010

The entertainment industry and its effect on children

The entertainment industry, especially music videos, are a cause for concern as the watershed does not seem to affect how much sexually explicit content can be viewed by children during the day. On top of the videos, lyrics are not censored enough. Although there may not be swearing in the songs, lyrics like “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” set a more mature tone.

Disney's children stars are also causing controversy with their antics on and off screen. Miley Cyrus is estimated to be worth around $1 billion at the tender age of 16. The Hannah Montana film is loved by children and took $150,077,611 worldwide gross in cinema. However some of the lyrics seem adult for her target market. With children aspiring to be like Miley, lyrics such as "I know just what you’ve come here for, and I want to hear you scream and more...i'll get you loud, i'll wear it out" and "when you're a VIP you get whatever you please, what's not to like...designer clothes you wear one time, tell me now, who wouldn't love it?" promote a lifestyle that is unattainable for most and too ‘grown up’ for her younger listeners. One photo-shoot that Miley did was labeled as very unsuitable as she posed in nothing but a sheet at 15 for Vanity Fair Magazine. She very quickly apologised publicly for her behaviour, but this should have been stopped in its tracks due to her age. On top of her TV show and live performances, Miley’s personal life has be pasted over the internet with semi-naked images of her circulated for children to find after they were released by an apparent ex-boyfriend. For someone who is looked up to as a role model, she seems to be tarnishing her squeaky clean image.


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